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The History (1967 – 2018 a reality in continuous expansion)

Plasmec is a company of 40 years continuous development.

Starting from a small structure has managed in the last decades to become known all over the world as a leading Manufacturer of machinery for transforming plastic materials. Plasmec achieved is growing expansion due to considerable investments that have been made into the latest technologies and to specialised human working force. A drive for excellence has accompanied

Enthusiasm and great passion have been infused in the company’s commitment philosophy.

Advances in technical development have been the result of their extended efforts.

Beginning in 1975 the technical advances opened the door to many new markets in many countries.


In 1986 there was a new step to higher quality, with innovative projects and an important reorganisation of the company’s structure. In 1995 the manufacturing range was increased and the organisational structure was once again extended in 2000. In 2007 due to considerable investments, a new organisation has been developed and production has now met its full expansion. However, even now the company doesn’t stop to aim in an even greater grow of its production and quality levels in the not too distant future.


The Mission:


Plas Mec mission is to continue increasing the skills, experience and talents of the PLAS MEC organisation and to use these attributes to the maximum in all their business areas. This leads to a common aim:

“Technologically advanced products that can contribute to create goods for the service to others.”

Total dedication to refine the mechanical and engineering techniques necessary to ensure high quality machinery and plants manufactured according to the requirements of the customers.


To create and maintain responsibility towards customers, thus paying attention to small details, innovation, accuracy, technology, quality and service.


The service

Precise, quick, efficient. All over the world, wherever the customer’s factory is located, Plasmec has its service organisation for ensuring continuity of excellent quality and production levels for a long period. A staff of skilled technicians works with enthusiasm and reliability so to ensure complete satisfaction of the customers.




  • HC Hot-Cold mixing plant


The “COMBIMIX HC” mixing plant is the ideal solution for all technical needs in the processing of  PVC DRY-BLEND. This is the result of the interaction between the TRM Turbomixer and the high-efficient HEC Cooler so to satisfy the most exacting requirements of productivity and flexibility.  Output capacity up to 7500 kg/h.



  • TRR Turbo-mixer

TRR Turbomixer: the ideal solution for colour change-over. This technology offers the advantages of intense mixing with the versatility of cleaning thanks to its technical design. The possibility of having a separate container facilitates the transport of mixed material to the granulation lines thus reducing the risk of segregation, demixing or contamination of the products.  Capacity from 150 to 2000 litres.


For further information regarding the various types and characteristics of Plas Mec machinery, please contact us.

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