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From the preparation of primary materials to the moulding equipment all the way to finishing accessories: ROTOMACHINERY GROUP’s commitment covers the complete needs of rotomoulders. Manufacturers purchasing a rotomoulding machine, moulds or accessories can rapidly start-up production and become the owners of a manufacturing technology that is reliable, versatile and technologically advanced as a result of 45 years of experience providing innovative solutions.

A complete line of:

  • Rotational moulding machines: Carrousel (independent arms), Shuttle, Rock & Roll, Lab machines, Customs machines;
  • Accessories for machines: extra arms, platforms, temperature detection systems, automatic management of the moulding cycle;
  • Material management: pulverizing units, mixers, dosage and feeding systems;
  • Moulds: design, development, modelling, realization and testing;
  • Complementary equipment: systems for deburring, milling and finishing moulded parts.

The ROTOMACHINERY GROUP was established from a merger of experiences between an Italian company, Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A., present in the rotational moulding industry since 1969 and STP Rotomachinery Inc., founded by Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A. in North America in 2005 around a group of people active in the design and development of rotational moulding machinery for 15 years.


– Agriculture
– Food
– Furniture
– Automotive
– Chemical Industry
– Tanks
– Construction
– Environment
– Garden
– Military
– Nautical
– Road signals and barriers
– Chemical Industry
– Health
– Sport




State of the art of 20130606_114051rotational moulding.

Provides for high productivity, maximum flexibility and energy efficiency. Configurations can be increased from 1 to 4 carriages.

Automatic and independent control of time and temperature for each arm, and therefore for each mould or moulds configuration.

Possibility to choose the optimal situation for multiple productions of different articles, different materials, different thicknesses and different quality levels.


PRM Series

Working Cycle

Available with up to 6 stations for maximum flexibility:

  • Cooking and moulding the article;
  • Intermediate phase waiting for cooling;
  • Mould cooling station;
  • Waiting station for mould opening;
  • Material loading;
  • Waiting or pre-moulding station for second layer or sandwich.

Depending on the customer requirements, the work stations can be arranged in a different way.

CRM Series

High technology at low cost.

For moulders who require a reliable machine at a limited budget.

  • High tech controls to manage the machine;
  • New special bevel gears in the head of the arms;
  • New interface for easy operations;
  • New air flow design of the cooking chamber;
  • Large loading capacity of the arms;
  • New system for opening and closing of the doors of the oven;
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation of the cooking chamber;
  • Electronically controlled burner for reduced fuel consumption with different fuels;
  • Heating with high velocity forced air circulation in closed circuit;
  • Adjustable deflectors for optimal heating air flow to the moulds;
  • Oven fitted with doors and sliding gates;
  • Cooling chamber in galvanized steel or stainless steel;
  • Cooling via air and water mist spray;
  • Primary and secondary rotation movements through gear wheels and gear motors controlled by frequency inverters;
  • Individual carriages movement controlled by proximity sensors;
  • High carrying capacity straight/offset/C arms assembled in a single block & easily interchangeable;
  • Operator touch screen control for total management of the working cycle in the language of the operator;
  • Oven temperature measurement and adjustment in real time of the system to heat the molds;
  • Remote operator console for easy loading and unloading operations.


MOD. Spherical
mm in
1500 60
1900 76
2300 92
2600 104
2800  112
3000  120
3200  128
3500  140
3700  148
4000 160
4500 180
5000 200

layou_Independent Arms


foto impaginata fixed armsThe rhythm of rotational moulding.

The most common rotational moulding machine: high production capacity, robust construction, requires little maintenance and is simple to operate.

Available with 3 or 4 mould carrying arms, which move together in the various working phases.

This is the ideal machine for different parts with similar working cycle.

It is possible to change the moulding temperature and the rotation speed (both axes) on each arm.

Working Cycle

Available with up to 6 stations for maximum flexibility.

Six stations configuration (3 waiting stations and 3 working stations):

  • Cooking and moulding the part;
  • Intermediate phase waiting for cooling;
  • Mould cooling;
  • Material loading into the moulds;
  • Three intermediate waiting stations.

Depending on the customer requirements the working stations can be arranged in a different way.


MOD. Spherical
mm in
1500 60
1900 76
2300 92
2600 104
2800 112
3000 120
3200 128
3500 140
3700 148
4000 160

layou_Fixed Arms


foto impaginata shuttle

Possible configuration with 1 or 2 carriages, with central oven and two stations on each side of the oven for cooling/loading/unloading.

The same arm can do two consecutive cycles, whilst the other is either waiting or is being serviced, or not operational due to tests or for arm change to straight or offset.

Computerised and automatic operation, independent of time and temperature settings for each arm, and therefore for each mould or combination of moulds.

Optimal choice for the production of very large parts, of different materials, with various thicknesses and with different quality levels .

SRM Series

Working Cycle
Configuration upto 3 stations for maximum operational flexibility:

  • Cooking and forming of the part in the central oven;
  • Side stations for cooling, loading or unloading;
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation;
  • Electronically controlled burner for minimum consumption with different fuels;
  • Heating via high velocity air circulation in closed circuit;
  • Adjustable deflectors to optimize the moulds heating air flow;
  • Optimized heating distribution via fixed panels mounted on the carriages;
  • Steel cooling covers with high capacity fans (as option);
  • Optimal cooling possibilities with air or water mist;
  • High load carriages, movable on rails;
  • Primary and secondary rotation movements through gear wheels and gearmotors controlled by frequency inverters;
  • Straight/offset arms with very high loading capacity contained in a one-piece group, easily replaceable and held on both sides of the carriages;
  • Operator interface with touch screen for complete control of the operational cycle in the language of the client;
  • Real time measurement and adjustment of the oven temperature;
  • Remote operator console for easy loading and unloading operations.



MOD. Spherical
mm in
2133 84
2794 110
3175 125
3505 138
4013 158
4521 178
5003 197
5511 217
6096 240



foto impaginata 3-s shuttleThe Rotomachinery Group, leaders in the field of rotational molding equipment, is extremely pleased to announce that it has launched the very first 3-sided shuttle rotomolding machine.

Due to the strong demand for machines with more flexibility, the company has designed a shuttle with 3 carts.

It is one of the largest machines of this type: a spherical diameter of 6500 mm. (256 inches).

Parts that require long cycles will benefit from this new offering. It will provide the same features as our regular shuttle line (SRM Series): straight or offset arm, Automatic Process Management for closed-loop process control based on mould temperature, arm indexation for total control of angles of each mould, robust design with arms supported at both ends to handle the heaviest loads, etc.

The 3-sided shuttle machine fulfills a strong demand of many rotomolders. For example, no need to interrupt regular production when changing moulds on an arm or running a test on a brand new mould. With 3 arms, one can easily be reserved for such operations.

Moreover, running a large part with very long cooling cycle compared to other moulds on the machine is no longer a nuisance.

The third arm can be used for such cases. But the most important benefit of the shuttle concept, especially with 3 arms, is the ability to perform different production sequences. Parts of different shape, size and wall thickness will never have to wait for an arm that requires more time for cooking or cooling or load/ unload.

The new exciting 3-sided shuttle machine will be offered in numerous sizes: spherical diameters from 2000 mm. (84”) all the way to 7500 mm. (295”). Another attractive feature is being able to order the 3-sided shuttle with 2 arms and add the 3rd arm at a later date if needed, or use one of the unique configurations (L-shaped) to fit it in a corner of your plant. Try it, you will be impressed!


Download Pdf Download HRM – Rock & Roll PDF


foto impaginata rock-rollThe only Rocking machine with fully automated moulding cycle.

  • Can be installed without the need of a foundations or a pit;
  • Technologically advanced solution for the production of large, and very large articles;
  • Possibility to increase from 1 to 2 carriages which alternate in the moving oven and in the loading/unloading cooling zones;
  • Ideal for kayaks, boats, silos, containers and other large articles .

Working Cycle

Configuration up to 3 stations for maximum flexibility:

  • Cooking and forming of the article in the moving central oven;
  • The cooling phase and the loading and unloading phases take piace in the side stations.


Download Pdf Download TRM PDF


foto impaginata TRMTotal independence of the 4 arms carrying the moulds.

Machine designed for moulders that require frequent change of moulds, or require frequent moulding tests without production interruption.

It is the solution for carrying out consecutive moulding cycles with the same arm, or very different cooking and cooling cycle.

Working Cycle

Five stations configuration for maximum flexibility:

  • Cooking and forming of the article in the central oven;
  • 4 cooling/loading/unloading stations which enter completely in the oven and move independently to the cooling/loading/unloading zone.


Download Pdf Download Lab machine PDF



The Lab machine model LRM 1000-1C is a state-of-the-art rotational moulding, designed for the rotational moulder looking for a small machine to perform tests and product development. It is also used to validate cycle times before going into production. The LRM 1000-1C’s integrated and compact design minimizes the use of floor space and offers the most ergonomic cooling and mould servicing stations of the industry.

The standard machine has two stations: one oven and one cooling/load-unload station. The cooling station, enclosed under a retractable dome, has adjustable air movement with variable frequency drives for efficient cooling and an extraction fan to send the hot and humid air outside the building. This model is designed with an advanced heat chamber engineered to maximize efficiency of hot air distribution, which optimizes the heat transfer to the mould. We build the machine with components from reputable suppliers recognized and accessible throughout the world.

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