Plastic-Industry Representations is exclusively representing manufacturing companies :
  • BOCA S.r.l. (Rotational Molding Mold),
  • NEUE HERBOLD GmbH (Recycling units & plants, Granulators, Shredder, etc),  
  • ZOCCHI GIOVANNI (Blow Film Extrusion),
  • ROLLEPAAL (Pipe Extrusion),

We are devoted in the manufacturing of machinery for customers that seek and consider essential:

  • high standards of production capacity,
  • long lasting performance,
  • flexibility in the production and the maintenance process,
  • cutting edge technology, reliable after sales service,
  • and certainly high quality end products that render our clients competitive in their own field.

Our clients are some of the top companies in the sector of Plastics Processing & Recycling in Greece as well as in East Europe.

In collaboration with the companies we represent, we constantly provide know-how to our clients. We are consulting them in relation to the latest technological systems, raw materials and in general the developments and requirements of the market in the sector of plastics & recycling.

Plastic-Industry’s aim is a continuous and a long lasting collaboration with the customers and while offering the best customer service!

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